How to Advocate for Balboa Park 

Forever Balboa Park advocates to make Balboa Park better for you, all year long. Through monthly meetings with Parks and Recreation, we identify key park needs and work together to help fill the gaps. When Parks and Rec presented their budget to the City Council, we were there, validating the need for additional Park Rangers, and 10 new park maintenance positions to help keep up with critical care our park deserves. 

As a passionate park lover, you too can support Balboa Park. Here is a list of ways you can make an impact. 

  • Join: Pledge your passion and join Love Balboa Park. With two options, making a difference in Balboa Park is accessible to everyone. 
    • Be a Champion: You’ll make park improvements possible, support volunteers, and enhance the visitor experience. 
    • Be an Advocate: Stay up-to-date on park projects and learn more ways to be an advocate for the park you love.
  • Volunteer: Walk the talk! You can make Balboa Park better by volunteering with Forever Balboa Park to maintain gardens, care for trees, or provide expert information at the Visitors Center. Volunteer opportunities include: 
    • Garden Stewards 
    • Rose Garden Corps 
    • Tree Stewards 
    • Visitor Experience
  • Get It Done: The Get It Done app is the City of San Diego’s preferred way of receiving feedback. Documenting needs in the app not only allows the city to solve problems, it provides much-needed data to track ongoing issues. 

Show Your Love: Share your passion for the park on social media with a selfie, favorite park pic, or a short story. Promoting your positive experiences in the park is an excellent way to support it and encourage future visits. Make sure to tag your post with #LoveBalboaPark so we can share it with other park lovers. 

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