Sprouting Success

 Forever Balboa Park’s 2024 Spring Fundraising Campaign

With the warmth of summer approaching, we are filled with anticipation for the vibrant season when our park will be brimming with activity and people from all corners of the globe. Forever Balboa Park is eager to serve at the forefront to ensure the park is well cared for, welcoming for all, and showcases the glory of San Diego culture and nature.

Balboa Park stands as a cornerstone of our region, relying heavily on the unwavering support of our community. It’s with immense excitement that we unveil our organization’s latest three-year strategic plan. Our strategic plan sprouted from our desire for the park to thrive alongside the broader community. We collected the feedback, experiences, and guidance of diverse community members, regional leaders and park stakeholders to ensure our focus is rooted in principles that will truly make Balboa Park a place where people and nature thrive together.

But a plan is only as strong as the support it receives. Similar to the new blooms tended to by our Garden Stewards and the young saplings nurtured by our Tree Stewards, our inaugural strategic plan needs support to flourish and grow. We invite you to join us in cultivating the seeds of our strategic plan by donating to our Sprouting Success campaign.

As detailed in our Strategic Plan, your gift to Forever Balboa Park will:

  • Foster public-private partnerships to enhance the park, including the exciting implementation of the exterior gardens and pergola at the Botanical Building and Gardens.
  • Provide meaningful service opportunities for our 350+ dedicated volunteers, who play a crucial role in maintaining the park’s gardens, trees, and historic assets.
  • Support parkwide maintenance projects in collaboration with the City and park stakeholders.
  • Contribute to environmental initiatives such as sustainable tree plantings and monthly park cleanups.

Donate today and have your donation matched 1:1 up to $25,000. Help us make Balboa Park a place where people and nature can thrive together. Now is the time to make a difference and ensure that Balboa Park continues to be a beacon of beauty and inspiration for generations to come.

Forever Balboa Park is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, tax ID #33-0849518. Donations are tax deductible.

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