What We Do

The City’s nonprofit partner dedicated to the care and enhancement of Balboa Park.

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Why Give?

Make a Difference in Balboa Park

Donating to Forever Balboa Park is an investment in park improvements, parkwide volunteer programs, growing San Diego’s urban forest and more.

Your giving makes it possible for Forever Balboa Park to train and deploy volunteers, guide curious visitors, provide safe and joyful Carousel rides and enhance Balboa Park.

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Current Projects

Building Balboa Park’s urban forest means improving the community through tree maintenance and planting. 

Best-in-class signage makes the park more accessible and welcoming to all.

We support San Diego Parks and Recreation in maintaining 18+ Balboa Park gardens. 

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About Forever Balboa Park

Creating A World-Class Park

Forever Balboa Park’s mission is to sustain, envision, and enhance Balboa Park for all in partnership with the City of San Diego.

  • Planning and Implementing Park Projects
  • Offering Parkwide Volunteer Opportunities
  • Maintaining Balboa Park’s Urban Forest
  • Connecting the Community via Placemaking


Champion (Monthly)

For as little as $5 a month, become a Champion and receive a bevy of insider benefits. Remember, this is your park — choose what’s right for you.

Advocate (Free)

You’ve made memories here. Explored Balboa Park museums, hiked trails, walked dogs, smelled roses, crossed finish lines, hugged trees, and snapped a million selfies. You love this park as much as we do and that gives you the status of an Advocate for Balboa Park.

Conservator’s Circle

Conservator’s Circle members give a minimum of $1,000 each year, for a commitment of five years. This commitment ensures a better future for Balboa Park. All contributions go toward the unrestricted operating funds of Forever Balboa Park.

Champion (Monthly)
Advocate (Free)
Conservator’s Circle
what people say

For Balboa Park to stay safe, green, thriving, it takes support. It takes a team of people. It takes a community.

Leslie Zann

Conservator’s Circle

Our lives are enriched by Balboa Park. We need it for our community. It’s nice to know there’s a cause in our own backyard where you can make a difference.

Jon Bailey

Donor and Former Trustee

Forever Balboa Park is what keeps Balboa Park going.

Fern Nelson

Conservator’s Circle
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