Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden

The Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden in Balboa Park was officially dedicated in 1975, thanks to the work of Dick Streeper and the San Diego Rose Society. It is a world renowned garden which has received official recognition from multiple international bodies.

In the decades since it was established the garden has been expanded and improved at various times and has been regularly maintained by the dedicated volunteers in the Rose Garden Corps. Working closely with these volunteers and the city to determine the needs of the garden, Forever Balboa Park is moving to enact practical improvements in the space while envisioning the future of this world-class and dearly loved rose display.

Bed Improvements

Forever Balboa Park is working to assess specific needs for improvements in the flower beds. These include irrigation changes for better pressure regulation and more effective use of water and installing walls and curbs to avoid runoff from the beds onto sidewalks and roads.

Signage Updates

With a team of volunteers, Forever Balboa Park is enacting a new vision for signage in the rose garden, making it more engaging for visitors and aligning it with the standards for signage throughout the park. These improvements include interactive signage on the planting beds to identify flower varieties and provide additional facts about the plants and expanded informational signage at the garden entrance.

Design Development

With support from WRT landscape architects and direction from the park’s precise plan, Forever Balboa Park is developing a vision for the garden with greater accessibility and expanded space for planting.

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